PFCO 1759

​​Pre-Flight​​                                          Cost              Details

Consultation                                                     £0

Planning and risk assessment                       £25/hour         first hour free

Site visit                                                             £25/hour         if required

On site

Pilot plus DJI Inspire 1 with X3 camera         £25/hour        4 hours minimum

Camera operator                                             £25/hour         4 hours minimum if required

Air observer/spotter                                        £17/hour        4 hours minimum if required

Ground marshall                                              £17/hour        4 hours minimum if required

Post flight

​Post processing                                                £20/hour        if required

Mileage will be charged at 0.35p per mile if task area is further than 30 miles from our base in East Linton EH40 3AL

We are fully insured and hold Permissions for Commercial Operation granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. 
We are based in East Lothian, Scotland but operate throughout the UK. 

Tel:  07716 342 242

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Registered in Scotland as Company Number SC085296

Example quotation for one aerial 360° panoramic tour consisting of three unique panoramic images to be shot by pilot only in class G airspace and no ground restrictions or hazards and operating within 30 miles of our office.​ Images to be processed and built into an interactive tour with embedded website links and logo's.

                             Pre-Flight                                           Cost             Details
                                               Consultation                                                     £0                                                                                                   £0
                                               Planning and risk assessment                       £25/hour         first hour free                                                     £0
                                               Site visit                                                             £25/hour         if required                                                           £0
                             On site
                                               Pilot flying DJI Inspire 1 with X3 camera      £25/hour        4 hours minimum                                              £100
                                               Camera operator                                             £25/hour         4 hours minimum if required                          £0
                                               Air observer/spotter                                        £17/hour        4 hours minimum if required                          £0
                                               Ground marshall                                              £17/hour        4 hours minimum if required                          £0
                             Post flight
​                                               Post processing                                                £20/hour        1 hour                                                                  £20

                                               Pro-embed license for VR tour                      £15                                                                                                £15

  Total for 3 tour panorama                                                                                              £135


So, what are you paying for when you hire a drone operator? 

To quote a price for our professional services we would require some details about the location of your project and the final outputs required. We can usually quote based on a pre-deployment survey and risk assessment using various planning aids to ensure that we can complete the task safely while working within the limitations of our permissions.

Just some of the considerations we take into account when assessing if a safe flight can be completed are:

  • ​Air space classification and restrictions.
  • 'Notice to Airmen' are a written notification issued to pilots before a flight, advising them of circumstances relating to the state of flying.
  • Local Air Traffic Control - communication with ATC is mandatory when working within an aerodrome control area or CTR.
  • Other air users such as gliding clubs, micro-lights, emergency and private heli' pads and parachute clubs.
  • Proximity to power stations, government buildings, hospitals, prisons, elderly care homes or schools.
  • Local sensitivities like nature reserves, stables, livestock, farms and any local byelaws.
  • Ground hazards such as railways, motorways and public access.
  • Detailed weather forecasts so we are within the operational limitations of our aircraft. Wind speed, temperature and humidity all have an effect on flight duration.                            
  • Interference – We conduct a Spectrum Analysis Sweep of the area looking for RF fracticide which might affect the flight of the UAV.                      
  • Magnetic Interference – We check for magnetic interference which can affect the UAV’s compass and positioning accuracy.
  • Permissions – We confirm any permissions required from adjoining sites or local sensitivities prior to flight.               
  • Communications – We always confirm that all primary communications being used at the site operate prior to flight.
  • Buildings – We will identify any buildings in close proximity to the operating site which may cause line of sight issues or may have sensitivity issues (awareness of occupants, schools, hospitals or elderly homes etc).
  • Obstacles  or obstructions – We will identify any obstacles or obstructions that may affect the operation, telecom's masts, cabling, water or vegetation.
  • Access Points -  We will identify access points to TASK area and place signage to inform the public that UAV's are in operation.        
  • People - Where applicable, we will identify populous in or around the operating area and avoid busy times when possible.                                                                                                                                                                                

Following this initial assessment we will decide if the the task is achievable and how it could be completed safely. Some demanding or complex operating areas may require a camera operator, air observer or ground marshall to assist in the operation which allows the pilot to concentrate 100% on the flight of the UAV. This would normally only apply to congested areas or when operating near to airports and airfields. Some tasks may also require a site visit to assess the real world environment prior to completing a final detailed quotation. 

"I know a guy with a drone that would do it for £50" is a phrase we come across regularly.

When you hire an un-trained, un-qualified and un-insured operator to complete any form of aerial work with a UAV, they are breaking the law, the Air Navigation Order defines commercial operations as any activity with a Valuable Consideration: “Any right, interest, profit or benefit, forbearance, detriment, loss or responsibility accruing, given, suffered or undertaken under an agreement, which is of more than a nominal nature.” The term ‘valuable consideration’ can include methods of payment other than money, for example: free advertising or payment in kind. (Reference

This illegal operator will have only one consideration when planning, quoting and completing your project: "Will I get caught?"  You could also be subject to vicarious liability should the worst happen and something goes wrong.