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​Aerial video

​360° Panoramic Imaging

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Our 360° Interactive panoramic virtual tours (aerial and ground based) are suitable for embedding direct to your website or social media platforms to help get your message across to your customers. Our interactive 360° tours can be embedded with your logo and any other information you wish to apply. From website links, specific sales information, products and price lists, menu's or offers. We can embed videos or sound effects on a particular area on the 360° tour that you might want to highlight.  Information added to the panoramas within the tour allow your customers to explore your business and products. Whatever you want to highlight, we can make it happen.

​Inspection and Mapping​

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"A picture is worth a thousand words"

One of the first things a prospective visitor looks at when considering buying from your website is photos; they want to see exactly what they might be paying for. An aerial image of your business, event or outdoor amenity allows you to tell the whole story.  From a height of 400ft our images can reach out 24 miles to the horizon. The images can then be embedded with information to explain your surroundings, wether its a busy seaside resort with local attractions you want to highlight or a secluded holiday cottage in a hidden valley. 

Commercial and residential aerial photography and video for marketing purposes effectively displays your property in its surroundings. You may want to highlight an idyllic location of a residential or letting property or show the proximity of transport links on a commercial property. Aerial photography is perfect for getting your message across to your clients.​​

Golf course photography, panoramics and video flyovers display your course to your members and visitors from a new perspective, above. If you want to highlight your signature holes or film the whole golf course, we have a solution that will make your course stand out from the crowd and win your club those valuable bookings.

The ability to produce innovative and affordable aerial photographs and videos has been one of the primary reasons drones have created such a stir in the advertising and marketing industry.

Our UAVs acquire high resolution aerial images which can then be processed using photogrammetry software to generate geo-referenced orthomosaic photographs, 3d models and 360° panoramic images of a site, structure or asset, giving you an up to date photograhic aerial report of the subject. These images have a wide variety of uses. On construction projects of all sizes our images can be used for site planning, site design and layout, health and safety inductions, progress mapping, site conformance or as-built photography. A web based 360° virtual tour of your site can be built and accessed by your staff from anywhere reducing the need for costly and time consuming site visits.


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iM&S provide an affordable, professional and flexible aerial imaging service. We fly drones, sub-7kg, multirotor, GPS enabled drones to provide precise high resolution aerial stills and UHD (4K) video capture. The commercial value of this aerial data is just beind realised throughout the world and the uses for aerial imagery are vast, from advertising and marketing, architecture and design to agriculture, ecology and environment management to mining and construction, oil and gas, infrastructure, security, the list goes on and is getting longer year after year. 


Aerial Photography

All 182 images used to construct this model were captured in one 10 minute flight.

Aerial inspections using drones offer safer, faster and more cost effective means of conducting high level inspections when compared to traditional methods of scaffolding or cherry pickers. Our drones can be set up and ready to fly in under an hour with the images stored and transmitted live via an HD downlink to a monitor for your surveyor or inspector to assess. By keeping the man on the ground a drone offers a much safer option for inspections at height.